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A Bad Case of Stripes - David Shannon

A Bad Case of Stripes, is a story about a young girl, Camilla Cream, who loves lima beans. However, because Camilla's friends do not like lima beans, Camille pretends not to like them as well, just so she can fit in. When Camille wakes up for school, she finds herself covered in rainbow stripes. While shes at school, she finds herself changing colors to match what is around her. Camilla finally sees a specialist who isn't able to cure her, instead, they make it worse. Whatever the specialist diagnoses Camilla with, she ends up looking like. Finally, an old lady comes to see Camilla. The old lady tells Camilla to eat some lima beans. Indeed, that does the trick!


This book is good to implement into a 2nd or 3rd grade classroom. It could be used for cause and effect, problem and solution, learning how to be yourself.