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The Cat in the Hat - Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss has a series of fun filled books for children. Cat in the Hat is one of his popular ones. This is a great rhyming text that is about two young children that are left at home while their mother goes out for a bit. The little girl and boy are stuck inside because it is too wet and cold to go play outside. As they sit there bored, the cat in the hat shows up. The cat is so fun and exciting to have around but there is just one problem... he has destroyed the house. The kid's pet fish warns them saying that their mother will be home soon and she will not be happy if she sees the big mess they made. To add on top of the mess that has already been made, the cat invites his friends thing one and thing two to come join in on the fun. After the girl and boy realize how messy the house has gotten, the fish yells out that their mother is home. The cat saves the day but pulling out his cleaning machine and gets the house back how it was, just in time before mother walked through the door. 


This book could be used in grades k-2. There are several things that you could do with this text:

  •     -students could build a hat using word families
  •     -rhyming word sort
  •     -Cat in the Hat writing craftivity