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Chrysanthemum - Kevin Henkes

Chrysanthemum, is about a little girl or a mouse, that was named after a flower. Chrysanthemum was born perfect. She always loved her name until the other kids in her class started making fun of her name. Now, the name Chrysanthemum, wasn't so perfect anymore. Once the music teacher shared her first name with the class that she was also named after a flower, the students look at Chrysanthemum differently as she did herself.

This book would be good to use at the beginning of the year, making connections, cause/effect, and character traits and feelings. this book would be good to use in grades k-2.

Officer Buckle and Gloria - Peggy Rathman

Officer Buckle and Gloria is an entertaining story. Officer Buckle performs for a elementary school who gives a good laugh; however, what he doesn't know is that the students are actually laughing at his dog, Gloria. This book could be used for grades k-3. You could use this in your classroom for character traits and feelings. Students could create a character map.


Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace - Mary Hoffman, Caroline Binch

Amazing Grace written by Mary Hoffman is such an inspiring story. The main character, Grace, is young girl who is full of imagination. Grace uses her imagination to act out different roles and characters. At school, Grace's classroom is having auditions for a Peter Pan play and Grace wants to be Peter Pan. After getting told that she can't be Peter Pan because she's a girl, Grace's nana encourages her that she can be whatever she dreams of. Grace auditions for Peter Pan and wins the role. This book could be of interest to grades k-5. It could be used in the classroom for character traits and feelings, predictions, cause/effect, and creating something relating to what they want to be.

Where the Wild Things Are - Maurice Sendak

Where The Wild Things Are is a great story that involves a child's imagination. It was written in 1963. It is about a young boy named Max who has a "wild" imagination. Max keeps making mischief and his mother calls him a "wild thing" and sends him to bed without supper. While max is in his room, a "wild imagination" takes place. Max's room turns into a jungle where he then sails away on the ocean that leads him to a land filled with "wild things". Max becomes king of the wild things and after having an adventurous night, Max gets hungry and becomes lonely and wishes to return home. When Max arrives at his house, he has supper waiting for him. 

This text could be used for grades 1-3 to implement cause and effect, point of view, punctuation, characters, etc. 


What a cute retelling of The Three Little Pigs!

The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs - Jon Scieszka, Lane Smith

The True Story of The 3 Little Pigs! is a cute retelling of the original version. In this story, the wolf is telling the story, his story, the "true story of what really happened". The wolf was baking his granny a birthday cake when he realized he needed some more sugar. The wolf also had a terrible sneezing cold. The wolf set out to ask his neighbors (pigs) for some sugar. However, when he arrived to the first two homes, no one seemed to be home and the wolf sneezed a great sneeze and blew the pigs' houses down and then ate them. When he arrived at the last pig's home, the pig told the wolf to go away. The wolf sneezed a great sneeze, but nothing happened. That pig called the cops and the wolf got taken in because his story did not seem real or exciting. The wolf said he was framed.

I really thought that this story was a great twist to the original version. I could use this in my classroom for comparing/contrasting two different versions of the same story. This could be intended for grades 2-4.

Great version of The Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf

The Three Little Pigs and the Fox - William H. Hooks, S.D. Schindler

This book is a great story! It is another version of The Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf. It is about 3 little pigs who live at their mama's house. These little piggies love to eat; however, their mama thinks that they need to set out to seek their fortune. One by one, the pigs go off to seek their fortune but before they go, their mama tells them three things: 1) Watch out for the tricky old-drooly fox 2) Build a safe and strong house out of rocks 3) Come home to visit your dear mama every Sunday. The first two pigs never returned to mama's house on Sunday because their were taken by the fox. The last pig was wiser and instead of the fox capturing her, she captured the fox and tricked him into telling her where the other pigs were at. 

I think this book would be great to use in a 2-4 grade level classroom to implement two different versions of the same story.

The Three Little Wolves and The Big Bad Pig

The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig: A Pop-Up Storybook with a Twist in the Tale! - Eugene Trivizas, Helen Oxenbury

This story is a version of the original version, The Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf. It can be intended for grades 2-5. This version is about three wolves that are trying to get away from the big bad pig. First, the wolves build a house out of bricks ad the pig knocks it down with a sledge hammer. Then, they build a house out of cement and the pig drills it down. Next, the wolves build a house out of iron and the pig blows it up. Lastly, the wolves build a house out of flowers and when the pig goes to blow the house down he takes a sniff of the lovely smelling flowers and he liked the smell. This made the pig realize that he has not been kind and wanted to change. The wolves and the pig end up becoming friends and living happily ever after. This would be a great story to use in a classroom for comparing and contrasting different versions of the Three Little Pigs.

Pete The Cat

Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes - Eric Litwin, James Dean

This book could be used for grades K-3. It would be a great book to read on the first day of school. It is about Pete the Cat rocking in his new school shoes on the first day of school. Pete encounters several places at school such as the library, playground, lunchroom, and other fun places. Pete knows that he has nothing to worry about as he sings and grooves in his new shoes.

Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web - E.B. White, Garth Williams, Rosemary Wells

Charlotte's Web is a great book. It is a modern fantasy that has childlike perceptions. It is about the conspiracy of Life and Death for a farm pig, Wilbur. The farmers look at Wilbur as an ordinary pig whose purpose is to be slaughtered and eaten. On the contrary, Fern, the daughter of the farmer, saves Wilbur's life, seeing that Wilbur has a purpose in life. Later on, Wilbur gets placed in a barn with other farm animals and a spider named Charlotte. Charlotte becomes a mother like figure to Wilbur. She sets out a plan to save Wilbur from being killed by writing positive words that describes Wilbur in her web. Wilbur lives and returns back to the barn with other animals. Charlotte dies, which is a representation of her life for Wilbur's and Wilbur growing up on his own. 

This would be a great book to use in the classroom. It could be used in a third grade classroom. It would be great for comprehension, teaching vocabulary, teaching plot, characters, and themes, or creating a writing assignment.